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The Swedish Gang

Guitar: Thomas Hageros

Played with John Rossalls Glitter Band between 1990-1993. Thomas did three tours in England, six in Germany, six in Finland and concerts all over Sweden. In 1996 Thomas formed the well known swedish showband "Sverige Är Fantastiskt" (read: Sweden Is Fantastic). Has together with the band played with many well known artists such as: Kee Marcello (Europé), Tommy Nilsson (Easy Action), Annika Ljungberg (Rednex), Mikael Rickfors, Jan Johanssen, Nanne Grönwall (One More Time) etc.

Bass: Mats Ymell
Played with J.R:s Glitter Band between 1991-93. In the late eightees Mats recorded his first single, Yesterday Night that he wrote, together with the band "Knockout". In 1994 he formed the band "Planet Wawes" together with singer Andreas "Glorius" Johnsson. The band recorded the CD "Brutal Awakenings" and had a big hit with the song "Lost religion". They toured in Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. Nowadays Mats work as a songwriter & producer.

Drums: Staffan Scharin

In the early ninetees Staffan had a number one hit, "Free like an eagle", with his former band "Talk of the Town". The band did several big tours in Sweden. Between 1994-96 Staffan was a member of Alien - who had a big hit with the Bee Gees song "Only one woman" - and gave two hundred concerts. Since 1997 Staffan is a member of "Sverige Är Fantastiskt". Did his first concert with J.R:s Glitter Band in Germany 2002.

Keyboard: Rikard André

In the late eightees and the early ninetees Rikard worked as a session musician in Gothenburg and toured with Jim Jidhed, (Singer in Alien). Then Rikard moved to Stockholm and began to play with Alien 1991. Rikard also recorded three records together with Alien between 1991-96. Rikard is since 1997 also a member of "Sverige Är Fantastiskt". Did his first concert with J.R:s Glitter Band in Schwerin, Germany, in 2002.