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Original Members

John Rossall Trumpet & Trombone

Tommy Walsh Trumpet & Vocals

Jimmy Duggan Saxaphone

Ronnie Brambles Drummer  (later toured with Whitesnake)

Tony Murray Bass Guitar (later played with the Troggs)

Jimmy Murray Lead Guitar ( Later played with Rory McGregor)

Colin rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocalist

Paul Raven - Vocals

Later - Harvey Ellison - Saxaphone - Later formed the Glitter Band

Gerry Shepherd - Guitar - Later Formed The Glitter Band

John would like to thank all members of the band and not forgetting those who played a part at sometime in the bands history.

Pat Lawler

Des Wilson

John Cotton

Wee Dave

Ray Moxley

John White (The First Glitter Band Drummer with John, Gerry and Harvey)

Berkley Lead Guitar and Vocals

Geof Piecey

Billy Holland

David Parker