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hair_boston LPL

This looks suspiciously like the all-too-common story of a British beat combo washing up in Germany and getting a chance to cut a record by being in the right place when the producer had the session booked. Recorded at EMI studios in Cologne, The Boston as their biographies relate on the rear sleeve, come from exotic places like Blackpool, Stanmore and Dublin, and indeed, they sound just about what you would expect such a combo to sound like in the late 1960s - a bit beaty and a bit psychey and all told, pretty decent. Check out great versions of 'Aquarius' and 'Walking in Space' which wouldn't be out of place if you heard them on a Rubble-type compilation. Excellent stuff, apart from 'Frank Mills' where it looks like they got one of their groupies to do the vocals; "Eva, a Svedish girl, 18 years from Norrköping" it says here…well, you would, wouldn’t you!

Nonstop Pop Hits COver

Side 1

1 - She’s A Heartbreaker 2 - Be My Baby  3 - My Name Is Jack 4 - Mrs Robinson  5 - Summertime Blues 6 - She’s Looking Good      7 - Song Of A Baker

Side 2

1 - Yummy Yummy 2 - I’ve Gotta Get A Message   3 - In The Midnighthour   4 - Son Of Hickory Holler’s Tramp  5 - Ain’t Nothing But A Houseparty   6 - Tapioca Tundra    7 - Exodus (Main Theme From Exodus)


Side 1

1 - Jenny Jenny 2 - Whole Lot O’Shakin’ 3 - Love Me Tender  4 - Don’t Be Cruel  5 - Every Time 6 - Piccadilly Rock 7 - Open Up the Door  8 - I’ve Been Around 9 -evil In Disguise 10 - Keep A Knockin’ 11 - Wow Wow Wow 12 - Rock Around The Clock

Side 2

1 - She’s A Heartbreaker 2 - Be My Baby 3 - My Name Is Jack 4 - Mrs Robinson 5 - Summertime Blues 6 - She’s Looking Good 7 - Song Of A Baker 8 - Yummy Yummy 9 - I’ve Gotta Get A Message 10 - In The Midnight hour 11 - Son Of Hickory Holler’s Tramp 12 - Ain’t Nothing But A Houseparty 13 - Tapioca Tundra 14 - Exodus (Main Theme From Exodus)

Oh Calcutta
Oh Calcutta-back

Little known recording released under a different name due to contractual reasons at the time. The Bostons put out an interesting album of two shows, Oh Calcutta and Salvation which hit the theatres in 1969 - 1970. They recorded under the name of Brave New World.

On this album some interesting songs, with some showing signs of their impact in later work.

Oh Calcutta was a theatrical revue created by Kenneth Tynan consisting of vaious short sketches on sex related topics. It debuted in Broadway in 1969 and then ran in London for over 2,400 performances

Salvation was an obscure late 60s rock opera -- but a pretty good one. The songs were somewhat rougher and more soulful moments than Hair, Oh Calcutta, or any of its contemporaries! The instrumentation here is really great --  with bass lines that step around in odd, almost skittish rhythms -- and guitar bits and keyboards that get funky, but often in a way that's kind of quirky. The tracks themselves have a definite Hair influence.